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Let Our Family Care For Yours!

For Dr. James Osborn, Dr. Rayne OsbornDr. Natalie Carruth, Dr. David Ashley, and Dr. Alana Robinson, nothing is more rewarding than earning a child’s trust and seeing a spontaneous grin at the end of a visit. We and our team would be honored to provide your children with quality dentistry, helping them grow up with bright, healthy smiles!

We are proud to have a family-centered practice: our doctors are a husband and wife team, and they’re parents, too. Our doctors and staff understand both the importance of connecting and building relationships with children, as well as making sure any concerns are addressed.

Our office is known for a welcoming and positive atmosphere. With warmth and kindness, we will help your children feel safe in the dental environment and encouraged to care for their growing smiles!

Why Choose Children’s Dentistry For Alabama for Your Family?

All we know is kids! We have a wonderfully warm and engaging office, where we expect kids to act like kids, not little adults, and love the adventures and stories each child brings to us!

Our doctors and team are skilled at working with teeth and with children who might be nervous or have anxiety about their visit. We take time to listen and reassure, using age-appropriate language to explain what will happen during a visit, and are always gentle and attentive.

  • We invite parents and guardians to accompany their child throughout the entire visit, too. Your presence will reassure your little one and it helps all of us communicate openly and freely. During visits, we will talk about your child’s oral health, discuss any issues we find during exams and diagnostics, and address any concerns you might have.
  • We know your time is important, so in most cases, we offer same day treatment if your child needs any work on their teeth in addition to their cleaning. Our office is designed for quick, efficient and safe treatment of patients, allowing you to make the most out of your visit!
  • We understand that some children feel uneasy in new spaces and that translates to anxiety or even fear. So we use every day, non-technical language and a Show-Tell-Do approach, making the unfamiliar understandable and safe. With lots of praise, encouragement, and patience, we will earn your child’s trust – and yours!
  • We offer anxiety-reduction mediation through mild sedation. This helps kids who have a strong gag reflex, special needs, developmental or health issues, or who need major work done: they have a positive experience! If you feel your child could benefit from an anxiety-reduction option, speak to one of our dentists who can fill you in on all the benefits and risks, since each patient will reacti differently to the administration of medication.

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Located in Selma and Tuscaloosa, our pediatric dental office serves Montgomery, Demopolis, and the surrounding areas of central and south Alabama. Please contact us to learn more about the compassionate, efficient, and affordable dental care we offer.

We accept Alabama Medicaid and do not limit the number of Medicaid patients that we see.

We’re excited to show you how Children’s Dentistry For Alabama provides quality care that goes the extra mile – all to make your child smile! Schedule an appointment, today!

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